A lot of information about abortion comes out of the United States.  This is probably due to how contested an issue it is as some states are legislating against providing abortion, clinics are being shut down or at least picketed, and there might seem to be a general moral judgement against women who seek abortions.

I think many Canadians, including myself, do not put too much thought into arguments for or against abortion because, in Canada, it is legal and even covered by our socialized medicine.  I also figure that I have never put too much thought into abortion because I have never needed one.  But why is it that such important information is not discussed with women before they require such services?  I would think that maybe this should be included in sexual health classes.  But, me being me, got to thinking about this and I like being prepared so I am curious about what one must do to go about procuring an abortion.  I honestly have no idea what to expect if I were to come up needing an abortion at some point in the future.

I guess I have always assumed that it would be easy enough – That all I would have to do is walk into a doctor’s office and declare my requirement of services… but is it really that easy?  Can I go to any doctor?  Or are there some who would turn me away, much like the experience I had before Plan B was available over the counter?  Do I have to travel to an abortion clinic?  Is there one in my area?  Are they performed in hospitals?  How long does a woman have to wait for an abortion?  What do women do if there is not an abortion provider in their area?

All these questions and more have been swirling in my head the last couple of days.  So, I had a brief conversation with one of my go-to nursing friends.  She told me that in her area, at least, there is only one doctor who performs abortions for the entire city.  He schedules them on Thursdays.  Not only his he the only provider for that city, but by extension, the surrounding area as smaller cities and towns also do not have doctors willing to provide abortions.

So think about it, what kind of wait time is that for women?  One doctor who spends one day a week providing abortions… wow.  I honestly wasn’t that shocked that this is the situation but I find it disturbing.  For a country that boasts the ability to provide services such as these to woman, one would think the services would be accessible.  Apparently not so much for everyone.

I need to do more research into this.  So, I think I’m going to start asking around at my local clinics and see what the word is on abortion providers and accessibility.  If anyone else has any information to add regarding abortion providers in Canada and Ontario, please feel free to comment, I would love to have more info!